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Diary of a junk mail campaigner

Misleading junk mail from Corgi

12th February 2015

Corgi is one of those junk mail offenders that sends junk mail to generic addressees. Worse, its envelopes used to claim that its mailings were important information. After a complaint to the ASA at least the envelope no longer features misleading claims.

The door-drop mystery

21st November 2014

I'm still trying to get DEFRA to tell the public when the Door-Drop Preference Service will finally be launched. Meanwhile, I've stumbled upon a response from DEFRA to a Freedom of Information request which suggests the opt-out website might be just around the corner.

Dead but not buried: the edited register

7th September 2014

The Representation of the People Regulations have been updated. The edited register has been renamed the open register, and local electoral registration offices now need to provide the public with statutory propaganda information about the sale of voters' personal data.

Calling it a new day

5th September 2014

After nearly year of trying to get over my obsession with junk mail I've finally cracked. I'm back!

Another day...

26th October 2013

The Daily Mail has learned that from next year Royal Mail will enable junk mailers to track when their adverts hit your doormat.

Mastering trick boxes

9th July 2013

A master-class for aspiring marketeers who want to make sure that everybody opts in to receiving adverts.


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