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About the Diary

Diary of a Junk Mail Campaigner is a blog about the evils of junk mail.

The blog mainly deals with the politics of junk mail. If you want to find out more about why it's so bloody difficult to stop unsolicited mail you'll find lots of useful information here. However, if you just want sound advice on how to cut back on junk mail you should read the Guide to Stamping Out Junk Mail.

What's happening on Planet Junk Mail?

An illustration showing tens of flyers with drawings of trees flying through a letterbox. Copyright by Eloise O'Hare.

Most of the articles in the Diary have the same theme. The junk mail industry needs to reduce the damage it's doing to the environment, which in theory is easy enough. Instead of 'carpet bombing' the nation with junk mail it's working towards better targeting (so that you only get advertisements you're interested in). This approach should reduce the amount of junk mail you get; result in a better return of investment for junk mailers; and save plenty of trees. As per usual things aren't' so straightforward in practice. Read the Guide and you'll see the self-regulatory framework isn't exactly making things easy for those of us uninterested in unsolicited junk mail. There's a huge gap between the industry's rhetoric and actions.

The reason for the industry's failure to cut waste is, in my opinion, self-regulation. The Direct Marketing Association et al specialise in the art of doing the absolute minimum necessary to prevent Government intervention and regulation. The Diary aims to expose its lies.

Banging the drum

I should add that Stop Junk Mail is first and foremost a junk mail advice service. Giving people information on how to reduce unwanted junk mail is the part I enjoy. The politics is the annoying part. It's ironic, then, that this blog mostly deals with politics. I guess this is unavoidable; giving people practical tips and ignoring the reason why reducing unsolicited mail is such a hassle simply isn't an option. Someone needs to be banging the drum.

At the moment that's as far as the campaigning element goes; banging the drum. Lobbying and campaigning are really not my forte. (Do get in touch if you're a campaigner looking for a good cause).

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5th July 2015