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Misleading junk mail from Corgi

12th February 2015

Last November I received this letter from Corgi:

An envelope from Corgi, apparently containing information about my gas boiler.
Important information from Corgi.

I suspected it was junk mail, if only because the addressee is Vailant Boiler Owner. Junk Mailers like such generic names because it means they can bypass the Mailing Preference Service and data protection legislation – there's no way you can stop such mailings. Normally I'd write "Unknown at this address" on the envelope and pop it back in the post but then the envelope claimed that the content was information about my gas boiler.

Sure enough, the letter didn't have any information about my gas boiler – it was an advert for a boiler insurance. Trying to trick people into opening junk mail by making it look like something genuine is a breach of the CAP Code (Rule 2.1, to be precise) and so I lodged a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority. Within a week Corgi assured them that they will ensure that its marketing communications will be clearly identifiable as such in future.

Today, I received this letter:

An envelope from Corgi, this time clearly identifiable as yet another piece of junk mail.
Useless junk from Corgi.

That's better: LAST CHANCE FOR CORGI BOILER OFFER. Save to return that one to the offender, unopened ;).

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12th February 2015

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