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Diary of a junk mail campaigner

Royal Mail junk mail opt-out has changed

9th December 2015

You no longer have to write to Royal Mail to get an opt-out form for the Door-to-Door Opt-Out – instead, you can now download the form. Weirdly, Royal Mail claims they're still verifying that opt-out requests are genuine.

The junk mail handling fee

10th September 2015

Hurray! You can deter junk mail deliverers with a junk mail handling fee notice! Boohoo… You won't be able to enforce the notice. (And so we still need to get the junk mail industry to formally recognise anti-junk mail signs).

Charity marketeers trying to prevent Government regulation

6th September 2015

The Institute of Fundraising has written a letter to the Sunday Times. They're very sorry that charity marketeers have abused people's generosity and they're absolutely committed to fundraising in a way that respects the rights of individuals. Whatever that may mean…

Unambiguous long grass

31st August 2015

The Door-Drop Preferences hasn't been killed off – it has merely been kicked into the long grass. It seems the responsibility deal between the government and the junk mail industry might have suffered the same fate.


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