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Virgin now has an online opt-out form

21st October 2015

In July I announced that Virgin Media had set up an internal 'Do Not Mail' list. Don't worry, the opt-out still exists. It has changed though. Instead of sending them an e-mail you now need to complete an opt-out form on the Virgin website. You'll find the form at

As always, the opt-out scheme isn't entirely straightforward. Here are The Rules:

  1. If you're a Virgin Media customer you can't use the form to opt-out. Instead, you need to phone Virgin's customer service hipsters on 0345 454 1111.
  2. If you're not a Virgin Media customer submitting the form will stop all addressed junk mail, including items sent to 'The Householder' at your address.
  3. Apparently, you don't have to enter your real name; Virgin will simply opt-out your address; not your name at your address. You can therefore use 'The' as your first name and 'Householder' as your last name.
  4. After registering the junk mail bombardment should stop within six weeks.

After you've submitted the form you'll be presented with this generic confirmation message:

Virgin Media's opt-out confirmation message, thanking me for opting out of receiving Virgin Media junk mail.

It's the only confirmation you'll get; you won't get an e-mail or letter to confirm that your address has been marked as opted out.

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21st October 2015


Thanks for publicising this. I am really tired of filling my recycle bin with Virgin junk....

I'm pretty sure I've tried this and it hasn't worked? Today my postman knocked at my door to give me a large package, could barely carry it, only to find yet another A4 large Virgin junk envelope! I will now do what I have been doing, sending to a free Virgin recycling address!

I'm pretty sure I've tried this

That's always the trouble with opting out – it's easy to forget whether or not you did. It might be worth completing the form again and hitting the 'Print Screen' button on your keyboard when you get to the confirmation page.

As an aside, does Virgin still have a freepost address for unwanted mobile phones? I know they had one years ago but it seems the address no longer exists? (Maybe because too many people were using it to let them recycle their junk mail).

Please remove my address and any contact details from your database.

I don't think this works. I have done it three times this year and I still get the mail. I have even tried sending the letters back with a note saying do not send me these but I'm still getting them.

Just tried the link to opt out of junk mail - I did the same about 6 months ago. The screen tells me that I've already opted out and can't submit again. As the reader may guess, I am being bombarded again, with a letter with my name on it in front of me. Austerity? Need for public sector cuts? How much is this pestering costing their customers? Grrrrrh.

I have just tried the link to stop the junk mail from Virgin Media. I do hope it works, thanks.

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