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New: 'Addressed Mail Only' stickers

25th November 2011

From tonight I'm hoping to be selling a new anti-junk mail sticker in the Stop Junk Mail Shop. It's the first sticker in the shop to include charity bags in the list of unwanted items. This is partly on popular demand, and partly because I'm currently getting at least one charity bag per week myself (at my old address I only got a handful a year).

The new sticker! The text on the sticker reads: 'No leaflets, circulars, charity bags - addressed mail only'

As always, the design of the sticker is simple and effective, and the quality is as you would expect; the stickers have been screen printed by a local company. They're larger than the other stickers in the shop (110 x 65mm) but the price is the same: £1 each, plus 50p for postage and packaging (for any number of stickers). With an order you'll get a free opt-out card to sign up to the Door-to-Door Opt-Out, which will also stop unaddressed mail delivered by the Royal Mail.

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25th November 2011