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Diary of a junk mail campaigner

There's a petition on asking Virgin Media to demonstrate the highest level of integrity.

Last updated
5th November 2015

Virgin Media has started keeping an internal 'do not mail' list for addressed 'To the Occupier' junk mail and promises to produce less leaflets.

Last updated
21st October 2015

Corgi is one of those junk mail offenders that sends junk mail to generic addressees. Worse, its envelopes used to claim that its mailings were important information. After a complaint to the ASA at least the envelope no longer features misleading claims.

Last updated
12th February 2015

BBC Watchdog Daily is very confused about 'To the Occupier' junk mail. The presenter actually got the chief executive of the Direct Marketing Association to acknowledge that there's no way to stop such junk mail – but she didn't realise.

Last updated
22nd November 2012

Dr Junk Buster

My home was previously three flats and I continue to get 4-5 letters addressed to "The Householder" for the flats. I have registered my addresses everywhere I can and opted out but there does not seem to be a remedy for the addresses that no longer exist.

Last updated
12th May 2015

Do you have any advice on ending the deluge of total annoying rubbish from virgin media? I have tried contacting them and they say they can't do anything.

Last updated
18th June 2015

Is it possible to request a sender stop sending mail under the Data Protection Act if the mail is addressed to "The Occupier"?

Last updated
7th November 2011

My local Town Council is about to get us to vote on a local issue. The ballot papers will be addressed to 'The Household'. Can you let me know if households that have stopped junk mail will still get a ballot paper?

Last updated
26th May 2011

Guide to stamping out junk mail

Junk mail with a generic addressee, such as 'To the Occupier' or 'The Householder' is one of the most nasty types of junk mail.

Last updated
16th June 2015

The Mailing Preference Service is a free service that can prevent your name is added to junk mail databases. You can also use the service to register a previous occupants' name at your current address.

Last updated
22nd November 2016