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Diary of a junk mail campaigner

Next month's Which? magazine will feature an article about junk mail, and I've written a piece for the organisation's Conversation Blog.

Last updated
23rd October 2011

Facebook has deleted the group for my Stop Junk Mail Campaign. It's entirely understandable; it's much more convenient for them to monetise pages.

Last updated
3rd August 2011

I've inherited some envelopes to re-use…

Last updated
21st April 2011

I've redesigned the 'No/No' and 'No/Yes' letterbox stickers, and I want you to buy them!

Last updated
3rd April 2011

For a long time I refused to sell stickers with the text 'No Junk Mail'. I've now decided to give them a try.

Last updated
6th October 2010

The Stop Junk Mail has been added to the British Library's websites graveyard.

Last updated
17th September 2010


The Direct Marketing Association has conceded that it can't substantiate its claim that unsolicited mail generates over £25 billion of postal sales per year. The lobby group now thinks junk mail is worth millions to the UK economy.

Last updated
27th February 2012

The Mailing Preference Service will no longer claim the opt-out scheme can remove people's names from up to 95% of direct mail lists. The Direct Marketing Association has agreed the claim was misleading and could not be substantiated.

Last updated
15th June 2011

Stop Junk Mail has today introduced an improved version of its 'Junk Buster' widget. Junk Buster V2 should prevent further attempts by the Direct Marketing Assocation to block the service.

Last updated
14th May 2011

The Mailing Preference Service, the most used junk mail opt-out scheme in the UK, has told Stop Junk Mail that it will ignore householders requesting an opt-out pack via its Junk Buster website.

Last updated
13th May 2011