Book of ailments

The Book of Junk Mail Ailments lists all consults given by Dr Junk Buster to date. You too can ask the doctor a (junk mail related) question.

Can I stop political parties using the electoral roll to send me junk mail?

2nd June 2011

I have received several election leaflets and letters directly addressed to me and recently I had some bloke from the Labour party phoning me (and there wasn't even an election going on either!). I checked electoral law and contacted the electoral commission but the law is really woolly. It says that election candidates can have a copy of the electoral register and use it for electoral purposes. But it doesn't explicitly state what those purposes are. I would argue that using my personal details to send me letters and then using my phone number to phone me especially when its not actually during an election is in clear breach of the law.

How do leaflet distributors get the access to my block of flats?

2nd June 2011

I stopped a distributor delivering 30 glossy magazines and leaflets to my block of flats this morning. It's interesting that she had the code for the outside gate and inner door. Do they get the codes illegally? And what are my rights in stopping these people?

Will people who are opted out get ballot papers addressed to 'The Household'?

26th May 2011

My local Town Council is about to get us to vote on a local issue. The ballot papers will be addressed to 'The Household'. Can you let me know if households that have stopped junk mail will still get a ballot paper?

Do political leaflets have 'national importance'?

5th May 2011

We have opted out of all 3 junk mail opt-out schemes and have a no junk mail sign on the door. Two political parties have put stuff through our door and when confronted, the candidates have claimed that they are exempt for the service or junk mail signs due to national importance. Could you please confirm if this is the case and if so, is there any way to make them stop putting election flyers through the door?