Book of ailments

The Book of Junk Mail Ailments lists all consults given by Dr Junk Buster to date. You too can ask the doctor a (junk mail related) question.

Advice on ending the deluge of total annoying rubbish from Virgin Media

9th April 2012

Do you have any advice on ending the deluge of total annoying rubbish from virgin media? I have tried contacting them and they say they can't do anything.

Can my council sell my data without my consent?

28th February 2012

I fill in my electoral role each year and always tick the opt out box. It would appear that my council say they did not recieve it this year and as a result have sold last years data and I now appear on the edited register and am trying to find out if they can legally sell my data without my consent like this?

I forgot to tick three opt-out boxes. How can rectify my mistake?

1st January 2012

I made a foolish mistake; I renewed my network railcard without ticking the 3 boxes to prevent: 1) Railcard information and offers; 2) Train company offers; 3) Third party offers of goods and services. How, please, can I rectify my mistake? I believe I am on the Mailing Preference register, but am not sure (how can I check this?).

Is there any way to stop the BT Phone Book?

29th November 2011

This morning I received yet another unsolicited copy of BT 'The Phone Book'. Please could you advise me if there is anything I can do to prevent BT sending me 'The Phone Book'? I have written to them numerous times but get no response.

Stopping catalogues and spam from Jean-Patrique

21st November 2011

Some time ago I fell for an on-line scam about 'quality knives' from a company called Jean-Patrique. Subsequently, I also started receiving unsolicited e-mails and catalogues. Aside from the ones from Jean-Patrique themselves I also received one from Time magazine, and one from the RNLI. I contacted both senders to (a) find out where they got my details from and (b) get removed from their mailing list. In both cases my details had been provided by Jean-Patrique, and in both cases I asked to be removed from their mailing list.

I am very careful to ALWAYS opt-out of any 'special offers' when I buy stuff. I believe I opted out from Jean-Patrique, too. But regardless I accepted that maybe I made a mistake and requested that Jean-Patrique remove me from their mailing list, and that they also stop giving my details to other companies. I still have the emails to prove it. Recently, however, I've started getting catalogues from Jean-Patrique again. How can I combat this? I could ask them again - but they've already ignored me at least once (probably twice because they likely ignored my initial opt-out).

How to stop spam from

11th November 2011

I have signed up to OnePoll Cashback and since then have been received weekly emails about new deals, etc. There is no unsubscribe link on the email, and when I have emailed them to ask how to unsubscribe, these emails have been ignored. The email address from which I received these emails is How can I get them to stop sending these emails? I don't even think there's an option to de-register from the site.

The Occupier and the Data Protection Act

7th November 2011

Is it possible to request a sender stop sending mail under the Data Protection Act if the mail is addressed to "The Occupier"?

How can I stop my ex-wife's junk mail?

25th October 2011

My wife walked out on me nearly nine months ago. She requested a redirection of her mail, which worked well for six months. However, for the past two months I get, on average, two items of mail addressed to her each day. My wife refuses to reinstate the redirection service. I contact the senders and ask them to stop and they are generally co-operative. However the unwanted mail keeps coming. It has been suggested to me that these businesses are getting her name and address from an agency who sell on details on request but I have no way of knowing how to find out who's doing it. When I get told I can't stop mail that isn't actually addressed to me I say she has died recently. That does the trick in the short term but does not solve the distribution of details issue. Can you help?

Data Protection Notices and cold calling

24th October 2011

Is a Data Protection Notice also applicable to cold (telephone) calling? Over the last fortnight, I have been pestered daily by British Gas, despite a previous email request to remove my phone number and a reply that it had been done.

Stopping lottery scams

20th October 2011

We really need to stop receiving the you have won £100000000 types of letter in the post as my father keeps opening these when they arrive whilst I am at work and sending them money. I have written to the royal mail and requested that they stop but they say they are legally bound to deliver them. Help!!!!