Book of ailments

The Book of Junk Mail Ailments lists all consults given by Dr Junk Buster to date. You too can ask the doctor a (junk mail related) question.

Can I dispose Kleeneze and Avon packs?

30th March 2013

I am fed up with being left unwanted Kleeneze and Avon packs and have left numerous "do not leave in future" notes on them, but to no avail. Can I legally just dispose of these packs? My mother in law did this once, but the Kleeneze rep became quite abusive when trying to collect the pack, telling my mother in law she had no right to dispose of the pack as it was the property of Kleeneeze.

Has a local authority ever tried to stop companies ignoring 'No Junk Mail' stickers?

11th February 2013

Do you know if any local authorities have tried to stop companies ignoring 'No Junk Mail' stickers – perhaps by naming and shaming those distribution companies who do ignore the 'No Junk Mail' requests?

How do I find out who sold my address details to whom?

1st February 2013

How do I find out who sold my address details to whom?

Will companies I sent a data protection notice erase all my personal data?

3rd January 2013

If I send a company a data protection notice, is is there a chance – or even an obligation under the Data Protection Act – that they will delete me entirely from their database? One company has just pointed out, reasonably enough, that if they take me off the database, next time they buy a mailing list they will start sending me junk mail all over again.

Stopping hoax junk mail

10th December 2012

I have received hoax letters for the past 4 days with someone elses name on and my address. we think its someone who is playing a joke on us because they have been filling coupons out from magazines and using this address. can you advise me what to do please?

Stopping charity bags and take-away menus

18th August 2012

Do you know how to stop charity bags and menu's for takeaways being posted through the letterbox please?

How do I find out who distributed a leaflet?

6th August 2012

I have several No Junk Mail signs (hand-written and ready-made) on my letter box, and while the amount of junk has reduced, I still get tons of takeaway menus and flyers from local business. How do I find out who's distributing them? I don't mean the guys actually delivering them because they usually don't even speak English, but the companies who employ them. I want them to train their staff to respect people's wishes.

Can I opt out of the 'edited electoral register' online?

1st June 2012

Can I opt out of the 'edited electoral register' online, and if so how?

Any Government legislation on scams and text messages?

24th April 2012

Has there been any Government legislation on the matter of targeting junk mail. Specifically post and text message that are scams or cost you to opt out such as the 'text STOP' text messages?

A question about Royal Mail's opt-out scheme and the six week wait

23rd April 2012

Does it really take six weeks before a registration with Royal Mail's opt-out becomes active? And, if so, does that mean I need to re-register after 2 years plus six weeks?