Book of ailments

The Book of Junk Mail Ailments lists all consults given by Dr Junk Buster to date. You too can ask the doctor a (junk mail related) question.

Do I really need to ask Royal Mail for an opt-out form?

20th April 2015

If I give friends a printed copy of the royal mail opt-out form, will it be enough for them to opt out? Do they need to have emailed in advance with their address (as I did to get the form in an email)?

How to stop junk marketing from Afibel Home Shopping?

3rd March 2015

I continue to get marketing & promotional material sent to me by Afibel Home Shopping. I have asked them to stop but they refuse as the mailings keep coming. I also belong to the MPS. What else can I do to get it stopped? Can I go to the court to get a order placed onto them to get them to stop?

Can I stop my council giving my name and address to political parties?

14th January 2015

I want my local council not to give out my details to local political parties but been told they have a right to this information. What can I do to stop political canvassing?

How to stop the junk mail fire hazard

11th December 2014

We are a block management company and we get horrnedous amounts of junk mail which residents simply leave in the communal areas. This causes a fire and health and safety. Do you have any recommendations to aid us stopping this?

How to stop junk food parlours ignoring 'No Menus' signs?

10th November 2014

Is there anything that can be done about these fast food menu posters that seem to be deliberately ignoring signs on front doors that clearly state "No Junk Mail" or "No Menus"? I have displayed two such signs, one really big one in the window next to the front door and one directly above the letterbox where it can't possibly be missed. I have even tried writing and phoning these ghastly junk food parlours to no avail. Is there anything that can be done?

Can I take legal action against Royal Mail for ignoring my opt-out requests?

27th May 2014

We have registered twice with Royal Mail to stop their junk mail being posted through our door. What legal rights can we put in place with their insistence to ignore this?

Can I lock my flap?

2nd December 2013

Does one have to have an openable letter box? I have put a locking device on my letter box. A small bolt. So when the postie has been I can just lock the flap to stop the junk. I first started locking my flap at halloween to stop the kids putting rubbish in, but now I lock it up to stop the junk. Is it a legal requirement to have a letter flap?

What can I do stop junk mail sent to my companies?

10th June 2013

We own two companies registered at our address and are receiving all kinds of junk mail addressed to these companies. Is it possible for us to opt out of receiving such mail?

Why am I still on after opting out of being on the edited register?

18th May 2013

Last year I opted out of being on the edited register yet I find my name and address on Can I get this removed, and is the council liable?

Will Royal Mail confirm that I'm opted out?

14th April 2013

I completed Royal Mail's opt-out form about 2 months ago but it has made no difference. Is it possible that I am not registered? Will I receive confirmation that my request to stop junk mail has been actioned?