Consults from 2016

The Book of Junk Mail Ailments lists all consults given by Dr Junk Buster to date. You too can ask the doctor a (junk mail related) question.

How do political parties get my personal details?

29th May 2016

I have received addressed mail from political groups reminding me to use my postal vote to further their cause. My details are not on the open version of the electoral roll. How do they get my name and address and how do they know that I use a postal vote?

Can a PoA send a data protection notice?

14th March 2016

My elderly mother-in-law has Alzheimer's and my husband has Power of Attorney. She is unwittingly being scammed by Afibel and possibly other catalogue companies. Can the person with PoA send a Data Protection Notice to force Afibel to stop the junk mail?

How to stop catalogues from an anonymous third party?

7th January 2016

I have started issuing data protection notices to senders of unsolicited catalogues and, in the main, this is working. However one offender, Pia Jewellery, has replied that we are not on their database because the catalogue comes from a "third party". They have, in fairness, added a note that if, when the next catalogue arrives, they may be able to tell me who is sending the catalogue if I provide them with certain information. That seems a huge cop out to me. Can I complain to anyone about this type of behaviour?

Can I post junk mail back to Royal Mail by putting it in a postbox?

3rd January 2016

Can I legally post junk mail back to Royal Mail by simply putting it in a postbox?