This an minimal, read-only version of the original Stop Junk Mail website.


Over the years I've seen dozens of websites and tools that promise to make reducing junk mail easier – and I've worked on a couple of ideas myself. This section of the website talks about my project. I'm hoping to add some information about other services later this year.

Dr Junk Buster

Dr Junk Buster is a bit like those agony aunts you find in women's magazines. You can tell the doctor about your junk mail ailment and he will then provide a cure, or at least share a pearl of wisdom. Dr Junk Buster has been giving advice since May 2011 and it looks like he's slowly running out of questions to answer – do contact him if you got a peculiar junk mail problem.

Junk Buster

Junk Buster is a website I set up in 2009. If you got Flash installed on your computer / device you can use the service to get an opt-out form for two opt-out schemes for unaddressed mail and/or to cancel up to three paper directories.

The aim of Junk Buster is to provide a one-stop-shop for signing up to opt-out schemes. Although there's a demand for such a service I've come to the conclusion that Junk Buster needs a drastic overhaul.

Last updated: 
20th June 2015