Return to sender stamper

This stamper makes returning unwanted addressed junk mail to the sender a doddle; just cross out your name and address, put one or more stamps on the envelope, and you're done.

Stamper that prints the text 'Return to sender, please do not send me unsolicited mail again'.

Tips for retuning junk mail

When you return unwanted junk mail to the sender you should always cross out your name and address. The stamp is reasonably large and easy enough to understand for human beings – but Royal Mail's sorting machines won't understand that the item should go back to where it came from. If you don't cross out your name and address the machine will redirect the item to you again. Similarly, it's a good idea to always put a cross through any red / orange sorting stripes on envelopes. Making the codes illegible for sorting machines will make sure the item goes back to the sender (and not to you!).

Finally, please be aware that not all senders will respect your wishes! Decent junk mailers will take your details off their junk mail list, while others may need a couple of returns. Unfortunately, there are also senders who simply ignore any junk mail that's return to them. My advice is to send them a so-called data protection notice – this will force them to listen. More information about returning junk mail to senders can be found on the Return to sender page in the Guide to Stamping Out Junk Mail.


  • Stamper made by Shiny
  • Green PET plastic 100% recycled
  • Size of stamper is 80 x 95 x 45mm (3.1 x 3.7 x 1.8in)
  • Size of stamp is 56 x 20mm (2.2 x 0.8in)
  • Red ink (refillable)
Last updated: 
16th July 2018