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Please note that as per 31/03/2019 I've stopped selling anti-junk mail goodies.

'No Commercial Leaflets' stickers

A smart variation on the classic 'No Junk Mail' stickers. These 'No Commercial Leaflets' signs should stop commercial leaflets and make it very clear whether or not free newspapers are welcome.

You'll get a red No Cold Callers doorbell sticker with each sticker you buy, for free (so, if you buy two letterbox stickers you'll get two doorbell stickers). If you prefer a white 'No Cold Callers' sticker or if you don't want the free sticker, just let me know by entering a note in the Paypal checkout or by contacting me.

Letterbox sticker with the text 'No Commercial Leaflets / No Free Newspapers'.

Personally, I feel the 'No/No', 'No/Yes' stickers are smarter than the 'No Junk Mail' and 'No Junk Mail / No Free Newspapers' stickers. The stickers avoid the term 'junk mail' to indicate that non-commercial leaflets are welcome and they make it very clear whether or not free newspapers are welcome.

Because Royal Mail ignores any type of anti-junk mail sign you'll still need to sign up to the company's (free) Door-to-Door Opt-Out. Registering with the opt-out scheme will stop any unaddressed mail items delivered by the postman.


  • 15 x 2.5cm (5.9 x 1in)
  • White lettering on red / green vinyl
  • Screen printed and fully weatherproof
  • Self-adhesive (sticks on metal, wood and plastic)
  • Made in Britain
Last updated: 
31st March 2019