This an minimal, read-only version of the original Stop Junk Mail website.

Please note that as per 31/03/2019 I've stopped selling anti-junk mail goodies.

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Illustration of a woman free of junk mail and growing a small tree.

Stop Junk Mail is an advice service and anti-junk mail campaign. It's my pet project, and I love it. I don't make much money from selling stickers and other anti-junk mail goodies – Stop Junk Mail has never made a profit – but that's okay. It's a hobby, and hobbies always cost money.

That said, if this website helped you and/or if you'd like to support the campaign you can. You don't have to, really. But if you got money to spare then I'd be happy to help you spend it ;). The more money I got in Stop Junk Mail's piggy bank, the more time I can spent on the campaign