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News from 2011

Government forces industry to help people reduce junk mail

A new deal between the Government and junk mail industry will introduce a wide range of measures to help people cut back on junk mail. Amongst others, the industry will finally introduce an online 'one-point-stop' for opting out of receiving unsolicited mail.

List broker collapses after complaints

The Direct Marketing Association has expelled list broker Data Providers UK from its membership for repeatedly breaching the Direct Marketing Code of Practice. The company and has ceased trading.

BT breaching Data Protection Act

The Information Commissioner's Office has concluded that BT demands an excessive amount of information from people who want to cancel the delivery of the phone book.

Yell wants to become 'local eMarketplace leader'

Yell has recognised 'online' is the future. The company will set up an 'eMarketplace', and in a couple of years time 75% of its revenue will come from digital services. Investors are not yet convinced.