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News from 2010

Bulk mail may become more expensive

Royal Mail has asked Postcomm's permission to increase its charges for delivering bulk mail by up to seven per cent above inflation. The company is currently making a loss on mail distributed on behalf of its competitors.

Virgin told off for misleading junk mail

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint from BSkyB about a leaflet from Virgin Media. Claims made in the leaflet were 'misleading and unfair'.

Opt-in for phone books 'an interesting idea'

A central opt-in system for paper directories is "an interesting idea" and would help "reduce the burden on resources and the environmental impact of phone books", government has said.

HMRC database used by junk mailers

Taxpayers' personal details may have fallen into the hands of a list broker and sold to junk mailers. The Information Commissioner's Office has said it will investigate the case of 'Margaret Margaret'.