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News from 2008

Addressed junk mail rates continue to fall

The economic downturn, cheaper ways of sending junk mail and increasing concern about waste caused by junk mail has led to a 6.2% drop in direct mail spend. Last year, expenditure on addressed advertising mail fell by 10%.

Liberal Democrats told off for junk calls

The Information Commissioner's Office has taken enforcement action against the Liberal Democrats after the party made 250,000 automated phone calls.

Councils could face ban on selling Electoral Register

Information Commissioner Richard Thomas has recommended abolishing the Edited Electoral Register. If accepted, local councils will no longer be legally obliged to sell voters' name and address to junk mailers.

Government responds to Go Dutch petition

Government today responded to Stop Junk Mail's petition for an easier and more effective system for opting out of junk mail, stating it currently has "no plans to take measures to restrict" junk mail.

Stricter bulk mail standards likely to be approved

The Direct Marketing Association has endorsed proposals for stricter standards for direct mail. 'PAS 2020' will be a voluntary industry code, but the lobby group anticipates a high take up.

New campaign to 'name and shame the junkies'

A 'UK Junk Mail Award' has been launched in a bid to 'name and shame' businesses that excessively use junk mail as a form of marketing. People are invited to nominate "annoying, irresponsible and environmentally unfriendly" junk mailers.