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News from 2007

Electoral roll opt-out hits 40%

The number of people opted-out of having their name and address included on the Edited Electoral Register has decreased by nearly three per cent. About 40% of voters are now marked as 'opted out'.

95% of e-mail is spam

Junk e-mails, or spam, accounted for 90 to 95% of all e-mail in 2007, according to research by Barracuda Networks. The figure is up from an estimated 5% in 2001.

Public has strong views on junk mail from charities

Research by the Fundraising Standards Board has found the public has strong views on mailings from charities. In particular gifts and incentives enclosed with appeals do not go down well.

Stop Junk Mail starts Go Dutch petition

Stop Junk Mail has started a petition calling on the Prime Minister to introduce an easy and effective system for opting out of receiving junk mail.

Artist creates junk mail sculpture

An artist inundated with junk mail is building a junk mail sculpture in her front garden. Once finished the 5ft tall art work will move to a gallery.

OFT stops South African prize draw scam

A South African prize draw promoter has given assurances to the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) that it will no longer send misleading prize draw mailings to UK consumers.

Junk e-mail overtakes junk mail

A study by the Direct Marketing Association's 'Email Marketing Council' has found that for the first time commercial e-mails have overtaken traditional direct mail.

Postman dumped and burned junk mail

A postman from Rock Ferry in Merseyside has been found guilty of dumping and incinerating junk mail. No normal mail has been burned or otherwise damaged.