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Diary of a junk mail campaigner

This is going to be the last episode in my series of rants about Royal Mail. It's about the company's inability to respond to questions and suggestions this time.

Last updated
24th December 2015

Royal Mail's chief executive, Moya Greene, explains why Royal Mail won't respect 'No Junk Mail' signs.

Last updated
24th August 2013

I've designed a 'No Unaddressed Mail' sticker for the Royal Mail. It's based on the company's 'Neighbours Not Trusted' sticker.

Last updated
27th August 2015

There's a new product in the Sticker Shop: 'No Cold Callers' stickers.

Last updated
19th September 2012

There's a new sticker in the shop! It should stop any type of unsolicited, unaddressed mail, including charity bags.

Last updated
25th November 2011

Royal Mail will soon start leaving parcels that can't be delivered to your neighbours. People who don't get on with their neighbours can opt out by putting a sticker on their door. Perhaps we could also have a No Royal Junk Mail sticker?

Last updated
22nd November 2011

I've redesigned the 'No/No' and 'No/Yes' letterbox stickers, and I want you to buy them!

Last updated
3rd April 2011

Free newspapers are completely unregulated. Good luck trying to stop a circular such as the East Kilbride Mail.

Last updated
12th October 2010

For a long time I refused to sell stickers with the text 'No Junk Mail'. I've now decided to give them a try.

Last updated
6th October 2010

A councillor in Palmerston, New Zealand, would like to fine junk mailers who ignore 'No Junk Mail' signs. It seems like a sensible idea to me.

Last updated
10th August 2010