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Diary of a junk mail campaigner

I don't like Paypal either… but enough is enough.

Last updated
15th March 2017

Can we prosecute Royal Mail for forcing its staff to facilitate scams please?

Last updated
5th April 2013

Royal Mail is selling its stake in Spring Global Mail; the company famous for helping foreign criminals target people in the UK with postal scams.

Last updated
18th March 2013

A message from a postman who's forced to deliver lots of scam mail to vulnerable people.

Last updated
9th February 2013

The website of the All-Party Group on Junk Mail, which was shamelessly abused by the Read Group Plc to promote itself, has finally been taken down.

Last updated
4th March 2012

Just in case you didn't know: Various Data Solutions is a scam.

Last updated
13th November 2011

Just so you know, Sugar Reef is a scam.

Last updated
20th December 2010

The Advertising Standards Authority has told IntraMed that its adverts are scams – for the eleventh time. No further action will be taken.

Last updated
27th October 2010

Dr Junk Buster

My elderly mother-in-law has Alzheimer's and my husband has Power of Attorney. She is unwittingly being scammed by Afibel and possibly other catalogue companies. Can the person with PoA send a Data Protection Notice to force Afibel to stop the junk mail?

Last updated

Has there been any Government legislation on the matter of targeting junk mail. Specifically post and text message that are scams or cost you to opt out such as the 'text STOP' text messages?

Last updated
18th June 2015