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Diary of a junk mail campaigner

The Communication Workers Union has agreed a deal about the modernisation of Royal Mail. The cap on the amount of unaddressed mail Royal Mail may distribute has been scrapped.

Last updated
28th April 2010

Dr Junk Buster

Can I legally post junk mail back to Royal Mail by simply putting it in a postbox?

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We have registered twice with Royal Mail to stop their junk mail being posted through our door. What legal rights can we put in place with their insistence to ignore this?

Last updated
27th May 2014

I completed Royal Mail's opt-out form about 2 months ago but it has made no difference. Is it possible that I am not registered? Will I receive confirmation that my request to stop junk mail has been actioned?

Last updated
14th April 2013

Does it really take six weeks before a registration with Royal Mail's opt-out becomes active? And, if so, does that mean I need to re-register after 2 years plus six weeks?

Last updated
18th June 2015

My postie told me he has to ignore my No Junk Mail sign. Why? What's the point of a polite sign when postmen are told to ignore them?

Last updated
29th August 2011

Guide to stamping out junk mail

Royal Mail's Door-to-Door Opt-Out is a free service that will stop unsolicited, unaddressed mail delivered by the postman. Signing up to the scheme is the single most effective measure you can take to reduce junk mail.

Last updated
9th December 2015


The Chief Executive of Royal Mail has tried to explain why postmen are forced to deliver leaflets to households with a 'No Junk Mail' sign on the door. Sticker schemes apparently are uncontrollable and potentially open to abuse.

Last updated
28th August 2013

Royal Mail is still making a profit. Last year, the company delivered less addressed mail but this decline was more than compensated for by an increase in parcel volumes. Unaddressed mail volumes are also on the up.

Last updated
22nd May 2013

Royal Mail is making a healthy profit again. Thanks to higher stamp prices and an increase in parcel deliveries the company earned £144m in the six months to September 2012. Junk mail volumes have increased only slightly.

Last updated
14th November 2012