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Return to sender

Diary of a junk mail campaigner

Ever wondered if you can return a freepost envelope stuck to a brick to a junk mailer? We might have an answer…

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28th March 2017

The Vote Leave campaign has a freepost address and they want to hear from you and your hard-working family.

Last updated
31st March 2016

Of course you already return all your junk mail to the sender. But did you realise there's a link with the 'occupy' movement?

Last updated
30th October 2011

Go on, send junk mailers a pamphlet explaining them how to get a life.

Last updated
22nd February 2016

Dr Junk Buster

Can I legally post junk mail back to Royal Mail by simply putting it in a postbox?

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I work for local council. We regularly send planning notification letters to residents. These letters are addressed to the owner/occupier and a large number of them are returned to us. We think this is because of the postal preference service. Do you have any suggestions?

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Is there anything that can be done about these fast food menu posters that seem to be deliberately ignoring signs on front doors that clearly state "No Junk Mail" or "No Menus"? I have displayed two such signs, one really big one in the window next to the front door and one directly above the letterbox where it can't possibly be missed. I have even tried writing and phoning these ghastly junk food parlours to no avail. Is there anything that can be done?

Last updated
10th November 2014

Guide to stamping out junk mail

Returning junk mail to the sender is an informal – but effective – way of dealing with unsolicited mail that's difficult to stop, such as letters addressed 'To the Occupier'.

Last updated
15th June 2015


Fylde Borough Council is taking steps to get rid off the hundreds of pieces of unsolicited junk mail it receives daily, the Blackpool Citizen reports today.

Last updated
12th May 2011