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Diary of a junk mail campaigner

I probably won't have much time to battle junk mail this year, but I've made a start – I had a moan to my local MP about the consultation on the future of the electoral register and the website of the All-Party Group on Junk Mail.

Last updated
1st January 2012

The All-Party Group on junk mail no longer exists. You won't miss it.

Last updated
26th January 2011

The Offence of Leaving Litter only applies to leaving litter on public open spaces, which leaves us in the hands of the junk mail industry.

Last updated
2nd August 2010

Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles wants local councils to spend less time and money on weekly town hall Pravdas that and up in the bin. Hear, hear!

Last updated
6th July 2010


A private members bill aimed at tackling postal scams has been binned. Rather than using a sledgehammer to crack a nut the problem can be solved by raising awareness.

Last updated
3rd January 2011

Government has launched a consultation on its proposal to repeal the Pedlars Act 1871 and 1881. The Local Government Association warns that scrapping the Act may encourage cold callers.

Last updated
24th November 2012

Yell has been renamed 'Hibu'. Meanwhile, the Office of Fair Trading has concluded that the Yellow Pages directory no longer has a monopoly on 'classified directory advertising'.

Last updated
10th August 2012

The Direct Marketing Association has made another attempt to quantify how much direct marketing contributes to the UK economy. The lobby group got more than what it bargained for.

Last updated
6th August 2012

A new opt-out website for unaddressed junk mail that was to be launched three months ago has been built. However, a Freedom of Information request has learned the website is unlikely to go live any time soon.

Last updated
27th July 2012

A recommendation by the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee to abolish the edited electoral register has received a lukewarm response from Government; it is considering the finely balanced arguments.

Last updated
10th February 2012