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Diary of a junk mail campaigner

moneysavingexpert.com has reported that the Ofgem is having some issues with its junk mail database project.

Last updated
21st June 2017

You know all those fines the ICO has been handing out to junk marketeers? Just 20% of them are collected.

Last updated
4th April 2017

A new ePrivacy Directive may ban marketeers from harassing businesses with unsolicited sales calls and e-mails. It will be the final nail in the coffin of the UK economy, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

Last updated
7th January 2017

Ofcom has held a consultation on persistent abuse of the communications network and has decided it may start taking enforcement action against companies that make silent and/or abandoned calls.

Last updated
6th January 2017

West Lothian Council is working hard to protect businesses it is giving money from junk mail.

Last updated
27th July 2016

The government is going to send everybody in the UK a leaflet about how wonderful the EU is. A former secretary of war is urging everybody in the UK to return the leaflet to No 10.

Last updated
27th April 2016

Ofgem might start compiling a database of people who aren't sufficiently engaging with the energy market. The database will then be given to energy companies, so that they can spur the unwilling into action with a junk mail offensive.

Last updated
10th March 2016

The Door-Drop Preferences hasn't been killed off – it has merely been kicked into the long grass. It seems the responsibility deal between the government and the junk mail industry might have suffered the same fate.

Last updated
31st August 2015

If you thought the cookie law is going to stop anonymous marketeers tracking you on the W3, you were wrong. It could have been a good piece of legislation, perhaps even the end of online tracking. Unfortunately, though, the ICO has decided to enforce the law in a way that will only encourage this dodgy practice.

Last updated
31st May 2012

The website of the All-Party Group on Junk Mail, which was shamelessly abused by the Read Group Plc to promote itself, has finally been taken down.

Last updated
4th March 2012