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Diary of a junk mail campaigner

The Information Commissioner's Office agrees that BT shouldn't demand the phone number of people wanting to cancel the BT Phone Book.

Last updated
25th September 2011

BT has, for the first time ever, acknowledged that it's possible to cancel the delivery of the Phone Book.

Last updated
23rd September 2011

The latest edition of the Canadian Yellow Pages has a notice on the cover telling people how they can cancel the delivery of the book.

Last updated
24th August 2011

Six months after opting out of the BT Phone Book I got an e-mail from BT to say that they won't stop delivering the unsolicited directory if I don't give them my phone number.

Last updated
2nd June 2011

Thomson Local is the only directory publisher that will send you a confirmation letter when you opt out of receiving unsolicited phone books. The letter you'll get is hardly a confirmation letter though…

Last updated
17th March 2011

For the first time ever, the Yellow Pages mentioned the existence of Yell's opt-out scheme for the directory.

Last updated
8th March 2011

Dr Junk Buster

This morning I received yet another unsolicited copy of BT 'The Phone Book'. Please could you advise me if there is anything I can do to prevent BT sending me 'The Phone Book'? I have written to them numerous times but get no response.

Last updated
29th November 2011

Guide to stamping out junk mail

Paper directories and phone books are obsolete. Yet, companies like Yell and BT continue to distribute tens of millions of directories to households and businesses. It's a colossal waste that can – and should – be stopped.

Last updated
27th March 2018


The Information Commissioner's Office has concluded that BT demands an excessive amount of information from people who want to cancel the delivery of the phone book.

Last updated
24th September 2011

Yell has recognised 'online' is the future. The company will set up an 'eMarketplace', and in a couple of years time 75% of its revenue will come from digital services. Investors are not yet convinced.

Last updated
15th July 2011