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There's a petition on asking Virgin Media to demonstrate the highest level of integrity.

Last updated
5th November 2015

The Mailing Preference Service will no longer de-register you after five years. When you register you'll be on the opt-out list indefinitely.

Last updated
1st February 2013

The Direct Marketing Association has been telling porkies again. This time they lied about the effectiveness of the Mailing Preference Service.

Last updated
14th June 2011

Dr Junk Buster

I work for local council. We regularly send planning notification letters to residents. These letters are addressed to the owner/occupier and a large number of them are returned to us. We think this is because of the postal preference service. Do you have any suggestions?

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We are a block management company and we get horrnedous amounts of junk mail which residents simply leave in the communal areas. This causes a fire and health and safety. Do you have any recommendations to aid us stopping this?

Last updated
11th December 2014

We own two companies registered at our address and are receiving all kinds of junk mail addressed to these companies. Is it possible for us to opt out of receiving such mail?

Last updated
10th June 2013

I have received hoax letters for the past 4 days with someone elses name on and my address. we think its someone who is playing a joke on us because they have been filling coupons out from magazines and using this address. can you advise me what to do please?

Last updated
10th December 2012

I made a foolish mistake; I renewed my network railcard without ticking the 3 boxes to prevent: 1) Railcard information and offers; 2) Train company offers; 3) Third party offers of goods and services. How, please, can I rectify my mistake? I believe I am on the Mailing Preference register, but am not sure (how can I check this?).

Last updated
18th June 2015

My wife walked out on me nearly nine months ago. She requested a redirection of her mail, which worked well for six months. However, for the past two months I get, on average, two items of mail addressed to her each day. My wife refuses to reinstate the redirection service. I contact the senders and ask them to stop and they are generally co-operative. However the unwanted mail keeps coming. It has been suggested to me that these businesses are getting her name and address from an agency who sell on details on request but I have no way of knowing how to find out who's doing it. When I get told I can't stop mail that isn't actually addressed to me I say she has died recently. That does the trick in the short term but does not solve the distribution of details issue. Can you help?

Last updated
25th October 2011

I have recently moved house, and had my mail redirected. I need junk mail to stop at my old address. How do I do this?

Last updated
12th October 2011