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You know all those fines the ICO has been handing out to junk marketeers? Just 20% of them are collected.

Last updated
4th April 2017

A new ePrivacy Directive may ban marketeers from harassing businesses with unsolicited sales calls and e-mails. It will be the final nail in the coffin of the UK economy, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

Last updated
7th January 2017

The Daily Mail phoned to ask for a quote about an increase in the amount of unaddressed mail distributed by the Royal Mail. I'm hoping they'll instead be reporting on the mystery surrounding the Door-Drop Preference Service.

Last updated
14th March 2014

The Direct Marketing Association has finally acknowledged that its claim that junk mail adds £25 billion to the UK economy can't be substantiated.

Last updated
27th February 2013

The Daily Mail has studied Royal Mail's latest figures and predicts an avalanche of junk mail. Fortunately, the prediction is wrong – the newspaper got confused about the difference between business and junk mail.

Last updated
27th August 2015

The Journal of Economic Perspectives has published research into how much spam is costing the US economy. It's junk science – but interesting nevertheless.

Last updated
11th August 2012

Royal Mail has been telling porkies about how much unaddressed rubbish it distributes. They're very sorry.

Last updated
2nd February 2012

In 2009, the average household got roughly 480 pieces of junk mail. Very roughly…

Last updated
4th August 2011

In response to Panorama's 'Why Hate Junk Mail?' programme the Direct Marketing Association has produced a propaganda fact sheet. Time for some myth busting…

Last updated
5th July 2011

The Direct Marketing Association has conducted a survey that shows that junk mail is good for the environment. People who think otherwise need to be re-educated.

Last updated
3rd June 2012