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Diary of a junk mail campaigner

The Times is today writing about the Door-Drop Preference Service. The fiasco is Defra's fault, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

Last updated
30th June 2015

The Daily Mail believes there has been a SURGE in unsolicited leaflets.

Last updated
19th March 2015

The Daily Mail has learned that from next year Royal Mail will enable junk mailers to track when their adverts hit your doormat.

Last updated
26th October 2013

The Daily Mail has discovered that electoral registration office sell an edited version of the electoral register to junk mail companies. They also got their figures wrong – again.

Last updated
17th December 2012

The Daily Mail has studied Royal Mail's latest figures and predicts an avalanche of junk mail. Fortunately, the prediction is wrong – the newspaper got confused about the difference between business and junk mail.

Last updated
27th August 2015

If you live in the States, have a smartphone, and agree that unsolicited mail is a pest then this may be for you.

Last updated
15th February 2012

The first episode of That's Britain tried to tackle the nuisance that is junk mail. It was a decent attempt.

Last updated
24th November 2011

The Telegraph joins the junk mail debate.

Last updated
24th October 2011

Next month's Which? magazine will feature an article about junk mail, and I've written a piece for the organisation's Conversation Blog.

Last updated
23rd October 2011

Andrew Cates of SOS Children's Villages and Roy Mayall respond to Panorama's Why hate junk mail? programme.

Last updated
8th July 2011