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Door-Drop Preference Service

Diary of a junk mail campaigner

The Door-Drop Preferences hasn't been killed off – it has merely been kicked into the long grass. It seems the responsibility deal between the government and the junk mail industry might have suffered the same fate.

Last updated
31st August 2015

I was on Radio 4's You and Yours this afternoon to talk about the Door-Drop Preference Service.

Last updated
10th July 2015

The Times is today writing about the Door-Drop Preference Service. The fiasco is Defra's fault, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

Last updated
30th June 2015

DEFRA has responded to my latest freedom of information request about the Door-Drop Preference Service. They claim they've had hardly any correspondence with the junk mail industry about the scheme.

Last updated
4th June 2015

DEFRA has confirmed that the Door-Drop Preference Service was scrapped some time in 2014.

Last updated
20th March 2015

The Daily Mail phoned to ask for a quote about an increase in the amount of unaddressed mail distributed by the Royal Mail. I'm hoping they'll instead be reporting on the mystery surrounding the Door-Drop Preference Service.

Last updated
14th March 2014

On 1 November 2011 the Environment Secretary talked about the Door-Drop Preference Service on 5 Live. Here's a transcript…

Last updated
1st December 2014

I'm still trying to get DEFRA to tell the public when the Door-Drop Preference Service will finally be launched. Meanwhile, I've stumbled upon a response from DEFRA to a Freedom of Information request which suggests the opt-out website might be just around the corner.

Last updated
21st November 2014

I've received information from Defra about its 'responsibility deal' with the junk mail industry. It's a matter of principle for the Direct Marketing Association that opting out continues to be off-putting.

Last updated
23rd December 2011

The latest deal between Defra and the junk mail industry is a compromise. Opting out will become easier – but the opt-outs themselves will remain ineffective.

Last updated
1st November 2011