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Door-to-Door Opt-Out

Diary of a junk mail campaigner

This is going to be the last episode in my series of rants about Royal Mail. It's about the company's inability to respond to questions and suggestions this time.

Last updated
24th December 2015

When you sign up to Royal Mail's opt-out scheme you will no longer receive election materials. However, you will still receive election materials. At least, that's what Royal Mail thinks…

Last updated
17th December 2015

Ever wondered why Royal Mail doesn't send households that register with it's junk mail opt-out scheme don't get confirmation letters and a reminder to re-register? Apparently, It's because sending letters is very expensive for a company like Royal Mail.

Last updated
11th December 2015

You no longer have to write to Royal Mail to get an opt-out form for the Door-to-Door Opt-Out – instead, you can now download the form. Weirdly, Royal Mail claims they're still verifying that opt-out requests are genuine.

Last updated
9th December 2015

I'd like to know what you make of Royal Mail's Door-to-Door Opt-Out. Does it work for you? Have you complained, and was the issue resolved?

Last updated
1st September 2015

Now that the Door-Drop Preference Service has been scrapped we're stuck with Royal Mail's opt-out scheme for leaflets. Meanwhile, Royal Mail struggling to adhere to its own procedures, despite the company's best efforts.

Last updated
21st March 2015

Royal Mail's chief executive, Moya Greene, explains why Royal Mail won't respect 'No Junk Mail' signs.

Last updated
24th August 2013

Royal Mail has yet again changed the address for its infamous Door-to-Door Opt-Out.

Last updated
28th June 2013

Royal Mail has been telling porkies about how much unaddressed rubbish it distributes. They're very sorry.

Last updated
2nd February 2012

Senders might not be aware that Royal Mail instructs posties to ignore anti-junk mail notices – and they have the power to demand better.

Last updated
2nd July 2011