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A new ePrivacy Directive may ban marketeers from harassing businesses with unsolicited sales calls and e-mails. It will be the final nail in the coffin of the UK economy, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

Last updated
7th January 2017

Ofcom has held a consultation on persistent abuse of the communications network and has decided it may start taking enforcement action against companies that make silent and/or abandoned calls.

Last updated
6th January 2017

I was on Radio 4's You and Yours this afternoon to talk about the Door-Drop Preference Service.

Last updated
10th July 2015

DEFRA has responded to my latest freedom of information request about the Door-Drop Preference Service. They claim they've had hardly any correspondence with the junk mail industry about the scheme.

Last updated
4th June 2015

The website of the Direct Marketing Association may only be indexed by Google, and Kerry Holden prefers not to be found.

Last updated
15th March 2015

I'm still trying to get DEFRA to tell the public when the Door-Drop Preference Service will finally be launched. Meanwhile, I've stumbled upon a response from DEFRA to a Freedom of Information request which suggests the opt-out website might be just around the corner.

Last updated
21st November 2014

An award-winning member of the Direct Marketing Association's Teletubby Council reckons that the end might be nigh for the Corporate Telephone Preference Service.

Last updated
18th May 2013

The Direct Marketing Association loves snail mail – but they have now finally started sending opt-out forms for the Your Choice Dummy Scheme via e-mail.

Last updated
8th May 2013

The Direct Marketing Association has finally acknowledged that its claim that junk mail adds £25 billion to the UK economy can't be substantiated.

Last updated
27th February 2013

BBC Watchdog Daily is very confused about 'To the Occupier' junk mail. The presenter actually got the chief executive of the Direct Marketing Association to acknowledge that there's no way to stop such junk mail – but she didn't realise.

Last updated
22nd November 2012