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Dr Junk Buster

Do you have any advice on ending the deluge of total annoying rubbish from virgin media? I have tried contacting them and they say they can't do anything.

Last updated
18th June 2015

My wife walked out on me nearly nine months ago. She requested a redirection of her mail, which worked well for six months. However, for the past two months I get, on average, two items of mail addressed to her each day. My wife refuses to reinstate the redirection service. I contact the senders and ask them to stop and they are generally co-operative. However the unwanted mail keeps coming. It has been suggested to me that these businesses are getting her name and address from an agency who sell on details on request but I have no way of knowing how to find out who's doing it. When I get told I can't stop mail that isn't actually addressed to me I say she has died recently. That does the trick in the short term but does not solve the distribution of details issue. Can you help?

Last updated
25th October 2011

I keep getting unwanted mail order catalogues and I wish to stop receiving them. How can I remove my name from the mailing lists of these companies? I have never ordered or bought anything from the companies that are sending me catalogues.

Last updated
2nd October 2011

I made the mistake of buying a product from Healthy Living through the letterbox catalogue several months ago. The company has either sold or passed on my address to at least three other firms who now send me unwanted junk mail up to four times per month. What's even more annoying is that, in passing on my address, the original company must have incorrectly typed my house number, with the result that (when the postman does not know me personally) the junk mail is delivered to a neighbour's letterbox. Obviously my neighbour is annoyed about it. I've tried returning unopened envelopes (a) with a sticker saying STOP sending mail (b) with a sticker to the Post Office saying 'Return to sender - unknown at this address'. I've also emailed the Healthy Living company to express my annoyance and to tell them I want to hear nothing more from them. Result: three packages today (from Healthy Living, Housewares Direct and Foot Friendly). What legal steps would you now advise me to take?

Last updated
19th August 2011

Guide to stamping out junk mail

The Data Protection Act gives you the right to ask any organisation in the UK to stop 'processing your personal information for direct marketing purposes'. It's a very effective way of stopping addressed junk mail, albeit a somewhat time-consuming one.

Last updated
15th June 2015