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Dr Junk Buster

I have started issuing data protection notices to senders of unsolicited catalogues and, in the main, this is working. However one offender, Pia Jewellery, has replied that we are not on their database because the catalogue comes from a "third party". They have, in fairness, added a note that if, when the next catalogue arrives, they may be able to tell me who is sending the catalogue if I provide them with certain information. That seems a huge cop out to me. Can I complain to anyone about this type of behaviour?

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I am fed up with being left unwanted Kleeneze and Avon packs and have left numerous "do not leave in future" notes on them, but to no avail. Can I legally just dispose of these packs? My mother in law did this once, but the Kleeneze rep became quite abusive when trying to collect the pack, telling my mother in law she had no right to dispose of the pack as it was the property of Kleeneeze.

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30th March 2013

Some time ago I fell for an on-line scam about 'quality knives' from a company called Jean-Patrique. Subsequently, I also started receiving unsolicited e-mails and catalogues. Aside from the ones from Jean-Patrique themselves I also received one from Time magazine, and one from the RNLI. I contacted both senders to (a) find out where they got my details from and (b) get removed from their mailing list. In both cases my details had been provided by Jean-Patrique, and in both cases I asked to be removed from their mailing list.

I am very careful to ALWAYS opt-out of any 'special offers' when I buy stuff. I believe I opted out from Jean-Patrique, too. But regardless I accepted that maybe I made a mistake and requested that Jean-Patrique remove me from their mailing list, and that they also stop giving my details to other companies. I still have the emails to prove it. Recently, however, I've started getting catalogues from Jean-Patrique again. How can I combat this? I could ask them again - but they've already ignored me at least once (probably twice because they likely ignored my initial opt-out).

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21st November 2011

I keep getting unwanted mail order catalogues and I wish to stop receiving them. How can I remove my name from the mailing lists of these companies? I have never ordered or bought anything from the companies that are sending me catalogues.

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2nd October 2011

Please advise how I can stop catalogues being put through my door that I have not asked for (Kleeneze/ Avon etc.).

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6th August 2011