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Diary of a junk mail campaigner

Macmillan can no longer afford to enclose free pens with its appeals, which makes it difficult for people to emotionally engage with them. Can you help stop the downward spiral by sending Macmillan a spare pen?

Last updated
15th November 2016

Corgi is one of those junk mail offenders that sends junk mail to generic addressees. Worse, its envelopes used to claim that its mailings were important information. After a complaint to the ASA at least the envelope no longer features misleading claims.

Last updated
12th February 2015

The Outdoor Media Centre, the representative of companies specialising in outdoor advertising, has found that Britons would love to see the whole country covered with advertisements.

Last updated
26th June 2011

The Advertising Standards Authority has told IntraMed that its adverts are scams – for the eleventh time. No further action will be taken.

Last updated
27th October 2010

Mr Latif can solve all your problem. Within seven days he'll transform you from the broke, depressed and impotent loser you are to a stinking rich, happy Adonis. It's 100% guaranteed, so it's true.

Last updated
14th October 2010

Dr Junk Buster

My particular gear grinder are envelopes that have no company name on them. This is obviously designed so that curiosity will trick you into opening the junk. Saga is the latest offender practising this trick. I just look up the address and send it back, but why is there no legislation that requires companies to identify themselves on envelopes?

Last updated
29th September 2015


Tweets from footballers Wayne Rooney and Jack Wilshere promoting Nike breached the Advertising Code, the Advertising Standards Authority has ruled. Wayne Rooney has not yet removed his advert.

Last updated
21st June 2012

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint from BSkyB about a leaflet from Virgin Media. Claims made in the leaflet were 'misleading and unfair'.

Last updated
14th May 2011