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Beyond sick of Royal Rubbish and Door to Door.

Hello all.

We registered to opt out of Royal Rubbish Door to Door spam leaflets from 11 August 2015 to 11 August 2017. In that time, we received spam leaflets such as Specsavers, BT, Farm Foods, ASDA, Lidl and tonnes of other leaflets/pamphlets, none of it was addressed or unaddressed 'to the occupant' mail. On more than one occasion I watched as they were posted by the postman, it's definitely through Royal Rubbish, not leaflet distributors. We received spam on more than twenty occasions. In that time, I logged six different formal complaints, 1-3513141327, 1-3349816406, 1-3903482757, 1-364213066, 1-3996662841 and 1-4004701283, as each reference referred to multiple instances of the NO DTD violations (I wonder if the ascending numbers following the 1- are the number of complaints logged, it wouldn't surprise me!).

Each time Royal Rubbish apologised profusely and passed it onto the Delivery Office. Every time, the DO apologised and stated that a sign was up to say 'NO DTD' so that it would stop. Normally, it would stop for one week, two maximum and start up again. In that two years we received well over twenty different loads of spam brochures. Occasionally, someone would write 'NO DTD' on the front of a letter, though this was seldom done and there was no consistency.

In early August 2017 we renewed for a further two years which was all confirmed via telephone, because e-mails sent to optout@royalmail.com AND d2d_enquiries@royalmail.com were completely ignored. I decided to include some terms and conditions of my own. I'd read in the news about various successful cases against cold calling companies who refused to remove people from their diallers. A number of victims had warned that if the calls continued, the recipient would charge per call for the harassment. So I put Royal Rubbish on notice and told them that if they continued to violate the opt out, I would bill £5 per brochure to Royal Rubbish. This was sent via e-mail too. I clearly stated that by posting the rubbish spam items, Royal Mail was consenting to pay me £5 per item. I also spent money here on StopJunkMail.org buying letterbox stickers and return to sender stickers.

A few weeks later, at the end of the month, more spam was posted with the addressed mail. I believe that was the 1-4004711283 reference. Again, we complained and was told the exact same thing: Royal Rubbish was very sorry, the DO would be chased and it wouldn't happen again. I'm not sure what is difficult about adhering to the opt out, or why they can't read the letterbox sticker.

Today, 9 October 2017, for the first time ever we received four spam items mixed in with out post, which clearly had 'NO DTD' written on the front of the item on the top of the pile. This was the first instance ever of post arriving which had 'NO DTD' scribbled on AND which came with spam. The letterbox sticker was ignored, again. I called to complain yet again and was given reference 1-4083725479. I am now filing Small Claims for the items, for the stress and harassment and for the items I bought here on StopJunkMail.org that have been ignored.

I know I sound like a grumpy old man, and I'm not, honest. The only reason I am getting so worked up about this is because in 2015-2016 Royal Mail lost approximately fifteen items sent to this address. I had to get the same clinic letter from the hospital sent FOUR times and only one copy arrived. Bank letters went missing. When I lived in Manchester, I was a victim in that scandal were cards were being opened. Six months after it went missing it was sent back to my home address. It had a very private letter in it that they'd read to get my address for home (Teesside). They also lost documents I'd sent to other people. On three or four occasions I paid for recorded delivery and no signature was ever requested. I had paid to have it tracked and it froze on the system each time as 'progressing through our network' because they had failed to have the person sign for the letters like I'd paid for. Luckily, the recipients responded to me so I knew they'd received my mail, but four times at least, I paid for a service they never honoured. It really narked me off because they were perfectly competent at posting unaddressed rubbish, but yet were constantly losing actually relevant, addressed, mail. All investigations were done and we were told there were no issues with our DO (yeah, because losing fifteen letters doesn't count as an issue). If they were able to actually do their jobs properly and delivery actually legitimate mail to our address, I wouldn't be so bothered about the spam, but the fact is they're grossly incompetent, fail to delivery actual mail properly and yet always manage to post rubbish.

Does anyone else have any ideas or tips? I think the only way Royal Mail is going to learn, is if their actions start to cost them money. I figure that it would cost far less to uphold my Small Claims case than it would to defend it, and they may very well just pay it to shut me up, but it's the principle also. We tried POSTRS and, surprise, surprise, DTD isn't one of the services they can regulate. I'll post again once my Small Claims case gets a response!

I am now on the official Ofcom route - and I will now take it to its conclusion.

I suffer from OCD, so their dumping rubbish through my letterbox causes me undue grief and distress. I have complained to the individual postie that dumped it only to receive abuse - which I have also complained about.

Is it too much to ask for rubbish to not be dumped through your letterbox? I think not.

I will get them - and I will continue until it stops. Great - and this will be added to the stress this has caused and a claim against them for, probably, harassment and stress.

It is great to have a site like this, great job Mr website owner.
Hello all, I just wanted to slot myself in with you fine people and join the fight against unaddressed junk mail. I prefer to remain anonymous for the time being, I hope you don't mind.
I have been fighting RM over their constant and determined deliveries of unaddressed junk mail and after completing the infamous opt out form (twice) and complaining to everybody whilst also escalating the complaints, nothing was achieved, just further frustration. I had full CCTV footage from various angles, plus the offending junk mail and combined the two and started to invoice RM for £50 per item. I knew it wouldn't amount to anything because unaddressed junk mail is unregulated by the EU. I went through the motions in the hope that it would get some sort of reaction, but it was a fail. We still receive the crap through the door from time to time, despite the door displaying 'no junk mail here' stickers for many years.
So, I have created several copies of all the information I have amassed and sent the to Ofcom, Trading Standards and the very last escalation board called Postal Redress Service (POSTRS). Here is what I wrote (names have been redacted for now):

Dear Royal Mail,

We write to you once to formally complain about Royal Mail delivery staff delivering unaddressed junk mail to our address, despite completing an Opt Out form (at your request).
You will see, by your records, that we have continued to complain to you on MANY occasions and also provided ample photographic evidence.
We have, for YEARS, clearly protested our discontent and frustration with receiving your unaddressed junk mail but you fob us off, lie to us, make countless excuses and often completely ignore us.

That’s a pretty good description of sustained harassment.

You forward our complaints to our local sorting office (Junkmailcity) and those staff members are absolutely no different, in fact they are often condescending, unhelpful and uncaring people.
We escalated our complaints and received the same fob off ‘next level’ morons who can not be bothered to offer any explanation, solution or compassion.

How on earth does Royal Mail function properly with all those robotic morons fobbing around all day? It is utterly beyond belief.

We just want you to stop delivering your nasty, unhelpful, unrequested, environmentally unfriendly, bin clogging junk mail crap to our address, that’s all. Not too much to ask is it?
I’m convinced that somebody that works for Royal Mail has at least one brain cell, just one capable intellectual adult with the ability to put a WORKING system in place, that highlights certain addresses that do not want to receive unaddressed crap?

The Postal Review Panel said in one particular letter that the junkmailcity delivery office manager (Dick Splat) had given the delivery staff a good talking too and put some new measures in place that will solve the problem.
Erm…NOPE, that is a definite FAIL. Dick gave a coloured piece of A4 laminated card to the delivery operative and instructed them to slot it into our position within the prepped bundle of mail for our street. We have had a few unaddressed pieces of junk since that implementation. Perhaps that clever Dick could rustle up a second piece of different coloured laminated card to remind the delivery operative that they need to remember to pick up the first piece of laminated A4 card that reminds the operative to not put your unaddressed crap through our door?

What happens when we go public with our story? What happens when hundreds, thousands of people start to try and opt out of your junk slinging activities? As those posties will soon start to complain about carrying all of that laminated A4 card around, all that extra bulk, all that extra weight. I must congratulate Dick on his well thought out non-effective prominent instructions, very well done indeed, I can certainly see why he got the position of delivery office manager, he must be worth his weight in gold to you.

Have you considered offering an extra opt out form to those of us that do not want to receive coloured A4 laminated cards through our doors? Just in case those rogue deliver operatives are unable to remember not to post them through letterboxes? It is certainly worth considering I’m sure you agree.

We asked ourselves why you treat thousands of people with so much contempt and hatred, why you ignore their frustrations and protests and why you instruct your delivery staff to completely ignore our ‘No Junk Mail Here’ stickers?
The simple answer is that your Opt Out for is not a legal document, therefore unenforceable and secondly, junk mail is currently unregulated by the government.
Sure, we can complain and moan and protest and complete your ‘pretend’ Opt Out form but at the end of the day it does not matter, you will do whatever you like, whenever you like no matter what, because nobody can do anything about it and Royal Mail earns money from all of that junk mail and Royal Mail stuffs it’s pockets full of cash.

That is a pretty good description of a BULLY.

Sure, we can threaten to take Royal Mail to court and try to sue but the case wouldn’t achieve anything because junk mail is unregulated in the EU.

Sure, we can complain, moan and whine to various levels of authority within Royal Mail’s departments but they are only obliged to fob off, disinform, deceive and they do this simply because they can. They do not have any integrity or compassion and they certainly do not respect anybody. The public is just a huge junk mail dumping ground and Royal Mail earns a lot of money exploiting us in this way.

After throwing a putting a few feelers out and asking around, via social networking etc, it turns out that our story is not a one off, in fact it isn’t even rare, it is incredibly common to find countless similar stories to ours. We would go as far as to say that there are thousands of VERY unhappy people in the UK that continue to receive your systematic Harassment and Bullying despite being Blackmailed into completing their own pretend Opt Out form.

We consider unaddressed junk mail to be litter but Royal Mail considers it to be Mail.
We consider unaddressed junk mail to be a nuisance but Royal Mail considers it to be informative.
We consider unaddressed junk mail to be unnecessary but Royal Mail considers it to be profitable.

Royal Mail has shown nothing but bad business ethics, it bullies and harasses it’s customers without a single care or thought regarding the force feeding of unregulated junk mail.
Royal Mail does this to thousands of people every single day.
How does Royal Mail tackle Bullying, Harassment and Blackmail within it’s company? How does Royal Mail feel about Bullying, Harassing and Blackmailing?
What is Royal Mails opinion on systematic and continued abuse of a person that has disabilities?

I can tell you that I have read many of Royal Mails PDF files relating to it’s codes of conduct, employee conduct, behavioural attributes, disability protection and several employment contracts.
It appears that Royal Mail takes these issues seriously and why do you think that is?
It is because it is regulated, it is a legal requirement for Royal Mail to protect its staff against abuse, it is the LAW.

You will notice that throughout this letter we have highlighted in bold text, certain words.
You should know that those highlighted words ARE regulated and legally enforceable.
If a large number of unhappy abused people assemble together, it would be called a Class Action Lawsuit.

If Royal Mail continues to force unwanted unaddressed mail through our letterbox, we will sue.
We will seek damages from Royal Mail for its continual Blackmail, Bullying and Harassment.
Perhaps you might take this issue very seriously from this point on.

You should also know that the thousands of unhappy people will be purposely clogging up your post boxes with all of your unwanted junk mail. Ramming them full, rendering them useless and causing thousands of man hours to be used up to separate junk mail and letters.
Tons upon tons of your beautiful junk mail.

We can do this…because it is unregulated and Royal Mail insists it is not litter!

We urge you to sort this ongoing issue out, permanently and properly because we can not take any more of this bullying and harassment.

Thank you

Mr & Mrs Peedoff

So, I will be in touch again to update you with new info but its time RM sorted this issue and its time to start clogging the mail boxes.
My wife suggested placing a loose elastic band around the junk mail items before posting them because they are far more likely to snag on the inside components, thus causing a far better blockage. I can confirm this as I worked as a postie for a few years and also emptied post boxes. Rubber bands are often dropped by posties, so we can weaponize them. Clever wife, that's why I married her.

I too am sick of filling out "opt out' forms only for it to be ignored. I have a small postbox on my wall which takes only addressed mail, not large advertising leaflets.

In the past, I have had as many as 6 leaflets stuck together of the same advertisement. I have lost letters that have been put inside the rubbish they stick in my post box and as soon as a new postman hits my round, it starts all over again. They put leaflets through when I have no post, which is usual. It is rare that I get addressed mail more than once a week, and some weeks, nothing.

I have been told that the postman/woman have to ignore signs on letterboxes requesting: Addressed mail only, no leaflets, no junk mail etc. I have been told that the adverts are marked with invisible ink and can be traced back to my property if I don't dispose of the correctly - really!!

I feel that my only recourse now is to send them a communication:

A Cease and Desist letter stating: You have an 'Implied right of access' to my property to deliver addressed mail ONLY! Nothing else. You are entering onto private property.

The definition of mail, mailbox, letter box is, according to the dictionary, opening, slot, /box for delivery of letters and parcels. Leaflets are neither letters nor parcels.

I now 'withdraw my right of access' for you to deliver anything other than what is addressed to my address in an envelope.

This means, should you come onto my property and deliver leaflets you are committing an act of 'trespass' which is a civil offence. To continue is harassment which is a criminal offence.

By notice of this letter, if you ignore my instructions you agree that for every delivery of leaflets you will be invoiced and pay me £5. This is to cover a nominal charge in returning them to you.

This charge relates only to the first 5 lots of leaflets. The cost will then increase to £10 on the 6th lot and increase by £5 after each and every 5th lot of leaflets.

Should my invoices remain unpaid I will initiate court proceedings against you to recover the charge.

As an aside to readers of the website: this will cost me nothing as I am retired and fee exempt. At the very least they will have no option but to go to the trouble of responding to the court paperwork.

Glad to find this site. Just posted this on social media:
Anyone know anything about the UK Postal Services Act 2012 regarding Royal Mail having a legal obligation to deliver ANYTHING they're paid to deliver - in my case, unaddressed junk mail?
I can't even find a 2012 Act, but the Royal Mail escalations team have just assured me they're entitled to come onto private property and stuff generic junk mail through my door - and this isn't trespass - under this "law".
And if I don't want them to comply with this "law" - as I'm more interested in living trees than the latest junk food from Dominos Pizza - I HAVE to fill out an opt-out form every 2 years.

As per your stories above, the opt-out form, and complaints, has no effect in the past. Speaking to the DO in person stops it for a short while, sometimes.

I'm in on any action that can taken to stop this environmental damage and personal disrespect and disregard for private property.

I'd be interested to see what exactly they told you. The Postal Service Act privatised Royal Mail. As far as I'm aware there's nothing in the act about Royal Mail's leaflet business. It might be worth asking what section of the Act they're referring to. In short, I can't see why trespass legislation wouldn't apply when it comes to private companies entering your property to dispose of unsolicited, unaddressed advertisements.

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