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Forum guidelines

The forum exists for two reasons: to share useful information about good and bad junk mailers and to discuss campaign ideas.

If you want to get involved with the campaign then the forum is good place to start. You can help by simply sharing information about how you have – or haven't – managed to stop junk mail from a particular organisation. If you want to do more then you can dive into the Campaigns ideas forum, where there are plenty of projects awaiting people to make them happen.

Before you post anything, please understand that this is not a place to discuss the blessings / evils of unsolicited mail. Apart from that there are a few simple rules…

The guidelines

  • It's not a help forum. If you need help stopping junk mail you'll want to check the guide and/or do a search. If you can't find the answer then simply send me an e-mail – but do not use the forum to ask for help. Your post will be deleted and your account cancelled.
  • No chitchat and Daily Mail-style comments. I'm not at all interested in comments along the lines of "Do as I do, send it all back", "What's the problem, just recycle it", "I'm more annoyed by cold callers" and "I like junk mail, it's the only post I get nowadays". The forum exists to share useful information and discuss campaign ideas. Polluting the forum with simple comments would make it difficult to get to valuable posts.
  • Try to write proper English and avoid textspeak. The latter includes annoying abbreviations such as lol, imho, afaik, fwiw and tbh.
  • No bossing around. I don't like to be told what I should do and Stop Junk Mail doesn't have a vacancy for a manager or consultant. Comments starting with "You should…" or "Why don't you…" are unlikely to be published, unless you also offer to help.

The forums

The forum has two sections:

Your stories

Your stories is the place to share information about how you did or didn't manage to stop junk mail. A success story could simply be that you found that you can stop unsolicited mail from Company X by sending an e-mail to optout@example.com. Please do share such information; it will help others. A horror story will usually be about how Company X repeatedly ignores requests to stop sending you junk mail.

Campaign ideas

The Campaign ideas section has been set up to, surprise, surprise, discuss campaign ideas. If you got a great idea for Stop Junk Mail you're welcome to tell me about it in the Suggestion box. Please do first check if your idea has already been submitted. In particular, don't bother suggesting a return to sender campaign – it has been suggested before, many, many times. (And yes, it's a good idea – but it's not going to happen unless people are willing to help make it happen).

If I like your idea / suggestion it will move to the Think tank. This is the place to discuss how your idea can be turned into action. You're welcome to share your thoughts about items in the think tank. However, please refrain from comments along the lines of "Yeah, great idea" and "That's rubbish". The forum is named think tank for a reason.

Questions / suggestions

If you have any question about the forum, or if you'd like to make a suggestions, please do so via the contact form.

Last updated: 
3rd July 2015