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Diary of a junk mail campaigner

They work for us

4th June 2015

DEFRA has responded to my latest freedom of information request about the Door-Drop Preference Service. They claim they've had hardly any correspondence with the junk mail industry about the scheme.

Yell / Hibu is no longer corporately responsible

25th March 2015

The Yellow Pages still exists. It's 2015, but still books are being dumped on doorsteps all over the country. Worse, it seems everybody has lost interest in Yell Hibu and the colossal waste the company keeps producing.

Now What?

21st March 2015

Now that the Door-Drop Preference Service has been scrapped we're stuck with Royal Mail's opt-out scheme for leaflets. Meanwhile, Royal Mail struggling to adhere to its own procedures, despite the company's best efforts.

Minor increase in Royal Junk Mail (duh)

14th March 2014

The Daily Mail phoned to ask for a quote about an increase in the amount of unaddressed mail distributed by the Royal Mail. I'm hoping they'll instead be reporting on the mystery surrounding the Door-Drop Preference Service.

Misleading junk mail from Corgi

12th February 2015

Corgi is one of those junk mail offenders that sends junk mail to generic addressees. Worse, its envelopes used to claim that its mailings were important information. After a complaint to the ASA at least the envelope no longer features misleading claims.


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