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Diary: 2016

Politics in Norfolk

22nd November 2016

I have to take back everything I've ever said about political junk mail. I mean, if it wasn't for the Lollipop Special Edition of the Labour Rose – delivered without charge in my area – I would never have known about Labour's views on Lollipop Cuts.

Macmillan Free Pen Appeal 2016

15th November 2016

Macmillan can no longer afford to enclose free pens with its appeals, which makes it difficult for people to emotionally engage with them. Can you help stop the downward spiral by sending Macmillan a spare pen?

Please, spare me your petitions

24th October 2016

From time to time people ask me to support their anti-junk mail petition. Much as I appreciate such efforts, I usually ignore these requests.

Stronger In disregards Data Protection Act

19th May 2016

Thanks to the EU Data Protection Directive you have the right to stop personally addressed junk mail. Weirdly, the pro-EU Stronger In campaign ignores that right while the Brexit campaign respects it.

How to stop EU referendum junk mail

26th March 2016

With just under three months to go until the EU 'In/Out' referendum you can expect lots of junk mail from the Leave.EU and Stronger In campaigns. If you have no need for their propaganda you can stop them from targeting you.

Energy companies may get junk mail subsidy

10th March 2016

Ofgem might start compiling a database of people who aren't sufficiently engaging with the energy market. The database will then be given to energy companies, so that they can spur the unwilling into action with a junk mail offensive.

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