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Royal Mail 'No Unaddressed Mail' sticker

21st October 2012

A while back I wrote about Royal Mail's Delivery to Neighbour scheme. In case you missed the news, your postman may now deliver mail items that don't fit through your letterbox to a neighbour. If you don't get on with your neighbours you can opt out by obtaining a Neighbours Not Trusted sticker.

Of course I asked Royal Mail to send me one of the stickers. Not because I object to stuff being delivered to my neighbours but because I reckoned the sticker might be a great template for a Royal Mail 'No Unaddressed Mail' sticker. Having such a sticker would be a welcome replacement for the company's obnoxious Door-to-Door Opt-Out.

So… here it is:

An image of the sticker. It shows the Royal Mail logo and the text 'Unaddressed mail not wanted at this address - thanks!'
The unofficial Royal Mail 'No Unaddressed Mail' sticker.

You can download and print the sticker as a PNG, or if you know your way around Inkscape you can play with the SVG file.

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27th August 2015