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Diary: 2011

Thought on That's Britain

24th November 2011

The first episode of That's Britain tried to tackle the nuisance that is junk mail. It was a decent attempt.

The Royal Mail sticker trial

22nd November 2011

Royal Mail will soon start leaving parcels that can't be delivered to your neighbours. People who don't get on with their neighbours can opt out by putting a sticker on their door. Perhaps we could also have a No Royal Junk Mail sticker?

Your Choice is alive again

11th November 2011

The Direct Marketing Association has started advertising the existence of its opt-out for unaddressed junk mail again. Perhaps it's because the junk mail lobby has committed itself to raising the 'awareness' of the scheme to 30% by the end of 2014.

Making sense of the new junk mail deal

1st November 2011

The latest deal between Defra and the junk mail industry is a compromise. Opting out will become easier – but the opt-outs themselves will remain ineffective.

Junk fallacy

24th October 2011

The Telegraph joins the junk mail debate.


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