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All your problems solved

14th October 2010

Here's an abstract from a leaflet produced by a character called Mr Latif:

MR LATIF 24-HOUR RESULT. NOBODY CAN BEAT LATIF BORN GIFTED!!! If you have a problem that has not been solved by anyone in this world or think your problem is impossible to solve, ring Latif immediately. Your entire problem will be fulfilled in SEVEN DAYS. For example; business financial, career, depression, separated from the person you love, domestic problems regarding husband, wife, children, health, exams, court cases, immigration, studies and sexual impotency or any other problems. Physical sport improvement, to be high rank, to be a winner. JUST ASK? No matter what your problems are I can help you to solve them in seven days. Latif's work is 100% guaranteed, breaking black magic and evil spirits in 48 hours. If any healer has left your work incomplete or unsuccessful see Latif immediately. Latif has the high knowledge of removing problems from people. THE RESULT: Believable Call MR LATIF now for an appointment.

I wonder if Mr Latif could perhaps solve the many problems I got with junk mail. He'd probably try to change my perception; this is all the rage in the junk mail community of late. I imagine he'd tell me that Junk Mail is a Gift from Mother Earth and that I should fight those Evil Spirits telling me that I don't need Money Off Coupons and Take-Away Menus. Plus, doesn't getting more Junk Mail mean that I can recycle more and feel good about myself?

At least one person wasn't convinced by the leaflet and contacted the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). They in turn challenged Mr Latif to substantiate his claims that people's problems will be fulfilled in seven days and that his work is 100% guaranteed. They also asked him to say something intelligent about whether the leaflet discouraged people with serious medical conditions from seeking the help from qualified health professionals. Mr Latif didn't respond to the ASA's enquiries. To his credit, this did solve his problem with the ASA, for the self-regulatory body doesn't have any enforcement powers. They told Mr Latif that "the ad must not appear again in its current form." Sadly, there's no 'or else…'. The ASA is a bit like a policeman without the power to fine or arrest anyone.

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14th October 2010