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Diary of a junk mail campaigner

Mailing dead people

10th December 2010

Junk mail opt-out schemes for dead people are big business. So big that the two main players in the market have no intention of setting up a service that actually works.

Self-regulation in action

27th October 2010

The Advertising Standards Authority has told IntraMed that its adverts are scams – for the eleventh time. No further action will be taken.

All your problems solved

14th October 2010

Mr Latif can solve all your problem. Within seven days he'll transform you from the broke, depressed and impotent loser you are to a stinking rich, happy Adonis. It's 100% guaranteed, so it's true.

Your perception is all wrong

14th October 2010

The Direct Marketing Association has conducted a survey that shows that junk mail is good for the environment. People who think otherwise need to be re-educated.

How to stop free newspapers

12th October 2010

Free newspapers are completely unregulated. Good luck trying to stop a circular such as the East Kilbride Mail.


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