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Diary of a junk mail campaigner

Was Kirk murdered?

30th April 2011

Kirk, Yell's corporate responsibility woodland minibeast, has died in suspicious circumstances.

Militarised junk mail

28th March 2011

Cartoonist Benrik Pitch has a marketing idea for Lockheed Martin (the kind company that will look after our census data).

And the (almost) Good Guy is... Thomson Local!

17th March 2011

Thomson Local is the only directory publisher that will send you a confirmation letter when you opt out of receiving unsolicited phone books. The letter you'll get is hardly a confirmation letter though…

Slow progress

8th March 2011

For the first time ever, the Yellow Pages mentioned the existence of Yell's opt-out scheme for the directory.

Pot Kettle Black

13th February 2011

The Direct Marketing Association's nonsense about saving paper by making it difficult to opt out has been mentioned in the Observer.

Opting out, opting in, and junk busting

2nd February 2011

It's becoming easier for our friends in the USA to cancel the Yellow Pages. In San Francisco they're even talking about an opt-in scheme.

Get Up, Stand Up

25th January 2011

Mr English is angry with with Fianna Fáil, and he doesn't like junk mail either…


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