I'm keeping two blogs. The Diary features ramblings about, you guessed it, junk mail. Royal Junk Mail is a catablog of unaddressed junk mail delivered by my postman.

The Diary

Paypal haters: stop acting like frauds

15th March 2017

I don't like Paypal either… but enough is enough.

Oh dear, the UK economy will collapse if B2B marketing gets regulated

7th January 2017

A new ePrivacy Directive may ban marketeers from harassing businesses with unsolicited sales calls and e-mails. It will be the final nail in the coffin of the UK economy, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

Royal Junk Mail

Top Cote

Received on 24th March 2017 Junk mail from Top Cote.
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22nd June 2015