Michelle Reader's junk mail postie

If you've watched the recent That's Britain item on junk mail you'll recognise this impressive junk mail postie. It's the creation of London-based artist Michelle Reader, who specialises in making sculptures from a wide range of waste materials.

Reader's aim is to make sculptures that draw attention to environmental issues in an aesthetic, humorous and non-confrontational way. It's no surprise, then, that she was invited by That's Britain to do something with the nearly 800 pieces of junk mail collected for the programme by twenty households in Stoke Newington (it took just three weeks to collect that much junk mail). It perfectly illustrates how much paper is wasted on unsolicited advertisements.

Much more of Reader's art can be found on her website.

Michelle Reader's junk mail postie - a sculpture of a postman made out of nearly 800 pieces of junk mail.
A close-up of the junk mail postie, showing the postman with a large red postbag and a couple of items of mail in his hand.
A close-up of the junk mail postie's head (he looks a bit melancholy).

Many thanks to Michelle for sending the images shown on this page. Don't forget to visit her website.