Junk mail illustrations by Eloise O'Hare

Eloise O'Hare is an English / Irish / Australian painter, illustrator, puppet maker, fashion designer, and blue sky thinker. She is also my partner, which explains why so many of her illustrations are scattered around the Stop Junk Mail website :).

For more of Eloise's work, visit her website at eloiseohare.co.uk.

A drawing of a man going postal because of junk mail.
Going postal
A drawing of drawing of trees being posted through a letter box.
A drawing of a letter box with junk mail sticking out on a grave.
Junk mail beyond the grave
A drawing of a tree with wishing messages (Please stop my junk mail!).
Wishing tree
A drawing of a computer monitor sitting on a pile of phone books.
Phone books
A drawing of a postman trying to push a tree through a letter box.
Posting trees