Junk mail art by Sandy Schimmel

Several years ago, artist Sandy Schimmel saw a stained-glass portrait in Venice. It was too expensive to buy and too heavy to carry, so she decided to make her own. After a few failed attempts to recreate it through glass and ceramic, she started cutting up junk mail, ads, flyers, postcards and packaging and created what she was looking for.

The Phoenix artist is now best known for 'upcycling' unusual resources to create art. Upcycling is the practice of turning something disposable into something of greater use or value.

All American Blonde, by Sandy Schimmel
All American Blonde
Venus, by Sandy Schimmel
Mini Red, by Sandy Schimmel
Mini Red
Jimi, by Sandy Schimmel
Twiggy, by Sandy Schimmel
Madonna, by Sandy Schimmel

Many thanks to Sandy for giving us permission to publish some of her work on this page. More of her artwork can be found at schimmelart.com.